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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre - Homeopathy

Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, Farm Animals & Goats

We travel the UK, visiting horses, ponies, donkeys, farm animals, goats and others

Homeopathic vet at work - Putting the patient first

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All types of horses and ponies respond to
Veterinary Homeopathy

Homeopathic Vet:

Chris Day, homeopathic vet, treats all classes of horses and ponies with vet homeopathy, for all types of problem. We have a special interest in backs, back treatment, laminitis, navicular syndrome, gastric ulcer, crib biting, lameness, headshaking (head shaking, head-shaking), skin disease, sweet itch, mud fever, COPD, collagen necrosis (nodules), moonblindness (moon blindness, periodic ophthalmia, recurrent ophthalmia, recurrent uveitis, ERU), saddling, diet and general welfare.

The homeopathic vet visits equine patients anywhere in the UK to offer veterinary homeopathy and have visited in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and France, although the Midlands, East Anglia, South Wales, the West Country, the South of England and the South East are the areas visited more commonly.

For horses and ponies our holistic approach leads us to examine closely all details such as feeding, grazing, saddling and shoeing, in our attempts to maximise or optimise healing. In this way, many serious and intractable diseases and pathologies can resolve, often defying a poor prognosis. All patients are given natural dietary advice and are offered chiropractic manipulation, in support of homeopathic treatment.

The homeopathic vet treats all types of farm animals (i.e. cattle, sheep, pigs etc.) with veterinary homeopathy, providing a nutritional and preventive medicine service to organic farmers and those planning conversion, in addition to offering homeopathic treatment for more 'conventional' farms. We include discussion on farm management and nutrition. We offer a discount to bona fide members of the Soil Association and the BDAA, for farm work.

We help institute welfare and health programmes and advise on any aspect of livestock management.

We treat donkeys, buffalo, goats, llamas, alpacas, poultry and others, on the same basis (i.e. homeopathic treatment, herbal medicine, management, diet etc.).

For further information, visit: www.alternativevet.org.

We visit anywhere in England and Wales for homeopathic vet work but nowhere in the UK, Ireland or Mainland Europe is automatically excluded.

Equine vetting service available - please contact the office [tel 01367 710324 - fax 01367 718243]. See www.alternativevet.org/vetting.htm.

Homeopathic vet on the internet: We also offer video consultations for veterinary homeopathy, in support of local veterinary practices or any other homeopathic vet, for those who are too distant to travel, who live abroad or who cannot travel to us for other reasons. This service is also available for horses.

We cannot treat notifiable diseases in the UK without official dispensation from DEFRA.

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Homeopathy for animals: www.alternativevet.org/homeopathy.htm

Homeopathic Vet: www.alternativevet.org/homeopathic_vet.htm 

Homeopathy for horses - homeopathy for dogs - homeopathy for cats - homeopathy for ponies - homeopathy for the farm - any species can benefit.



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Veterinary homeopathy is without side effects

Veterinary homeopathy is safe in all species

Veterinary homeopathy is safe for all ages, including during pregnancy or suckling

Veterinary homeopathy requires no laboratory animal experimentation
Veterinary homeopathy cannot give rise to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Veterinary homeopathy treats the patient, not the symptom

Veterinary homeopathy does not suppress symptoms or signs of disease

Veterinary homeopathy stimulates the body's own healing ability

Veterinary homeopathy operates at the bio-energetic level

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