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Homeopathic Vet

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Homeopathic Vet at work

Homeopathic Vet

Homeopathic vet at work - Putting the patient first

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We use veterinary homeopathy as a means of stimulating the incredible innate healing power of the animalbody (whether horse, pony, dog, cat, goat, donkey or other species). Our prescribing clues are taken from the patient's individual character, appearance, behaviour, demeanour and susceptibilities.

Because veterinary homeopathy is a holistic discipline, the homeopathic vet must investigate all the lifestyle, management, environment and dietary influences that may impinge on the patient's healing ability, whatever the species. Thus, in addition to stimulating the patient's in-built healing capability, we do our best to release that process from constraining factors.

A typical consultation with a homeopathic vet can take about an hour, in order to be able to cover all the necessary points.

Selection of the homeopathic medicine (individualisation) is then according to the individual characteristics of the patient, rather than of the named disease syndrome.

Homeopathy for animals:

Homeopathic Vet: www.alternativevet.org/homeopathic_vet.htm 

Homeopathy for horses - homeopathy for dogs - homeopathy for cats - homeopathy for ponies - homeopathy for farm animals - homeopathy for pets - any species can benefit.



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Veterinary homeopathy is without side effects

Veterinary homeopathy is safe in all species

Veterinary homeopathy is safe for all ages, including during pregnancy or suckling

Veterinary homeopathy requires no laboratory animal experimentation
Veterinary homeopathy cannot give rise to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Veterinary homeopathy treats the patient, not the symptom

Veterinary homeopathy does not suppress symptoms or signs of disease

Veterinary homeopathy stimulates the body's own healing ability

Veterinary homeopathy operates at the bio-energetic level

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